• Accelerate your content on the web

    Merlin is an advanced and widespread CDN service to accelerate your content with both easy setup and high customization.

  • Improve your SEO performance

    MerlinCDN provides low-latency responses to the search engine bots and aids you to be at the top of the search engine results.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

    MerlinCDN provides high availability and low-latency responses with carefully created infrastructure and helps you to keep your users happy.

Why Choose Us?

Accelerate your content on the web with advanced technology, simple control panel, and great features by using MerlinCDN.

Easy to manage

You can manage your distributions with a simple control panel.

Total control

You can take total control of your distributions by configuring diverse settings.

High performance

We have a well-architectured infrastructure with our 15+ years experience.

Fair prices

You may choose the pay as you go option and get charged by your traffic or you may choose the best plan for your business and save money.

More Than An Accelerator

Meet MerlinCDN, the advanced acceleration technology that serves a variety of solutions for your website.

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