The Combination of Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) and Video CDN 


Online live broadcast advertising is a powerful field that can reach large audiences and has increased its importance recently.


It is directly affected by the developments in web technology and increases its efficiency with various methods.  



Online Live Stream Trends in 2023 and Future 

Viewers have become able to access more content on the internet in the category they want compared to cable TV. 


At the same time, the publisher managed to save money by transferring their content to their viewers quickly and at less cost. 


Thus, the TV audience majority has started to watch more content on the internet. 

Thanks to the increasing interest in internet broadcast content, online broadcast content production has gained serious momentum. The increasing publishing volume on the web has pleased not only publishers and viewers but also advertisers. 


Technologies that enable advertisers to access the most relevant potential customer group and tracking data. These technologies also facilitate a healthy interpretation of the obtained statistical data.  



Changing Advertising Concept in Online Live Broadcasting 

The advertising concept in online live broadcasting has started to have different methods comparing cable TV broadcasting. One of the most beautiful aspects of web technology, the "Continuous Improvement" philosophy changes publicists' perspective. 


Thanks to new types of advertisements, advertisers have begun to reach their target audience multifariously. The difference between the advertisement types added a different dimension to the display and announcement of the content. 


Advertisers aim to catch the changing ad-watching behavior of their audience with these new ad types. The main reason why new ad types can be utile is that they can bring the same content to the audience in more than one way.  



DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) Technology Adapting to Change 

DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) is one of the most successful new ad delivery technologies mentioned. 

It captures and analyzes the ad generations in your online live broadcasts and allows you to delete the ad slots you want. 


This way, you can add the advertisement content you want to broadcast to your online live broadcast by placing them in these slots. You can do this, which cannot be done in satellite broadcasting, thanks to DAION technology.


DAI is a technology that can quickly adapt to advertisers transitioning from satellite broadcasting to online broadcasting.


This technology, which aims to increase the efficiency of advertising content in advertising slots, can provide many more advantages. 




What are the Benefits of DAION in Online Live Broadcast Advertising?


More Than a Standard Technology 

DAION offers many advantages to advertisers. It analyzes and deletes online live advertisements through artificial intelligence. It allows you to put any wanted ad content in these ad slots. 


It does not need SCTE-35 support and saves you the cost of licensing. 



Maximizes Ad Efficiency 

Understanding the user behavior of the audience with artificial intelligence determines their interests and allows you to make your audience watch audience-specific ads. In this way, you can increase the efficiency of the ads you show and make it easier for you to reach the end user. 


The ability to reach the end user more easily allows you to increase ad conversion rates. 

Also, your ads can be unskippable, clickable, or pointable to purchases. This way, you can keep the prospect ad viewing at the highest level. With this method, DAION directs the purchase and turns the viewer into a hot sale.  



DAION Sets Everything Up For You 

The advertiser won't need a separate Google MCM account when using DAION. DAION allows you to use a Google MCM account under the umbrella of ESTREAM. 



Reliable Ad Performance Statistics 

DAION makes measurements following IAB TECH LAB standards so that advertising performance can be measured at the highest level. 


Thus, you can get the most reliable ad performance statistics and make the most accurate analysis of the progress of your ads. 



DAION Accelerates Your Live Stream Content 

DAION includes dynamic ad insertion technology and Video CDN service to enable viewers to watch the online live broadcast at maximum performance. 


Video CDN usage is critical to ensure the high-speed performance of your online live broadcast content. 



So What is Video CDN? 

Video CDN keeps your live stream or VOD content on servers located all around the world. The request for your content is answered from the closest CDN server, and the viewer displays the content the fastest. 



How Video CDN Benefits You 

Requests for broadcast content are answered as soon as possible and opened quickly on the viewer's screen. This way, the viewer will not have any connection problems while watching live broadcasts or VOD content. 


Video CDN should be used to avoid uncomfortable situations such as stuttering or freezing while watching online content. 


Also, it can indirectly prevent DDoS attacks that may harm the broadcast stream. Requests to the live broadcast are answered from different CDN servers, and the load on the origin server is relieved. 


In addition to DDoS attacks, your live streaming traffic may still encounter connection problems due to the sudden speed increase. In this case, Video CDN also avoids these with the processes mentioned above. 


To find out the answer to the question “How Does a Video CDN Work?” in more detail, visit our website now. 


The Perfect Match of Video CDN and DAI Technology 

DAION provides a high-level service by combining CDN and DAI technologies. With Video CDN, it keeps your online live stream flowing smoothly. It also optimizes your ads with DAI technology. 


You can make advertisers prefer your broadcasts more by increasing the efficiency of the ads in your live broadcasts.


Get information now to learn more about DAION, which provides a quality online live broadcast for the publisher, the advertiser, and the audience.