Electronic Security Systems and Cloud Storage

Many electronic security systems have been developed to solve the security need, which is considered one of the basic needs, through technology. 

Many technological developments, especially the internet, paved the way for the development of electronic security systems. 

What are Electronic Security Systems? 

Electronic security systems allow entrance and exit control to private areas such as homes/workplaces. Desired observations can be made using many technologies such as image, sound and heat detection devices. 


Almost all of the processes such as detection, evaluation, and reporting of security leaks are performed by electronic devices. In this way, the margin of human error can be greatly reduced and security vulnerabilities can be minimized. 


Electronic security systems can operate in an automated manner continuously with the necessary adjustments. In this way, you can transfer the security issue to the security systems and focus on your business. 


What are the Benefits of Electronic Security Systems? 

The benefits of these systems, which can minimize human needs, are quite high. 


Monitoring the movements in these places and noticing unauthorized situations are offered by these systems. 


Whether you are in the place you want to spy or not, these systems can inform you of any unexpected situation. Electronic security systems can send notifications to authorized persons in these situations. 


For fires in the factory or the forest area, sounding the siren and notifying the fire brigade can be provided. These automated processes are vital for extinguishing the fire as soon as possible. 


What are the Types of Electronic Security Systems? 

Electronic security systems can be divided into 3 categories. These are: 


Access Control and Automation Systems 

These security systems control access so that people can safely enter a building or system. Access control becomes faster and more practical. 


In this way, unauthorized entries and exits are detected and security is ensured. 


Fire Alarm and Detection Systems 

You can detect possible fires using these systems, which are frequently used in factories and forest areas. Thanks to these systems that can measure heat, you can be aware of the fire before it starts.


In this way, you can neutralize the fire as soon as possible without loss of life and property. 


Security Camera and CCTV System 

CCTV systems are also known as "Closed Circuit Imaging". It generally consists of a recorder, a monitor, and security cameras. 


Thanks to this system, you can view what is happening instantly through monitors. In addition to security, CCTV can also be used for tasks such as people counting and plate reading. 


These images are stored on recording devices or in the cloud. These stored images and sound recordings can be used as evidence of a negative event and can be presented to the authorities. 


Why is Data Storage Important in Electronic Security Systems? 

Images obtained from devices such as security cameras can be used as evidence against any negative situation. In addition to watching the monitor from moment to moment, later events can be examined using old images. 


Even if instant monitoring is not performed, some details may be overlooked. Thanks to the instant backup of the data, a missed episode can be watched quickly. 


At the same time, individuals and institutions that have a security camera system have a legal record-keeping period. 


If security camera footage is not kept during these specified periods, the security camera system owner may face sanctions. 


What Should Be Considered While Storing Security Camera Records? 

As mentioned above, security camera recordings must be kept for specified periods.


These times may vary depending on the location and purpose of the security cameras. 


According to the location or purpose, the recording times of the security cameras can be exemplified as follows: 


  • Hospitals: 30 days
  • Schools: 1 year
  • Apartment buildings: 1 year
  • City surveillance cameras: Minimum 30 days
  • ATMs: 30 days
  • Hotels: 5 years 


It May Be Requested to Keep the Recordings Encrypted 

Persons and institutions holding security camera data may request that the images be kept encrypted. This request may vary depending on the location of the security cameras or legal requirements. 


You can store security footage encrypted with Merlin Cloud Storage to take the security of your data to the next level. For more information, leave us your contact information and we will contact you! 


Determining the Place to Keep the Security Camera Records 

Generally, security camera recordings are stored by recording devices provided by the people who set up this system. Images are transferred to the recorder instantly and storage is made as much as the capacity of the recorder. 


At the same time, image retention can also be done with cloud storage services. Images can be kept in the cloud by providing certain integrations. 


Cloud storage has advantages over conventional recording devices. 


Why Use Cloud Storage Instead of Recorder? 

When you store your data with the recorder, you need to protect the recorder well. It is known that during the theft, he also stole the recording devices where the security cameras were kept. When this scenario is encountered, the thieves cannot be deciphered with the security camera. 


However, this situation disappears when security camera footage is stored via cloud storage. When this situation is encountered, images can be transmitted to authorized persons by accessing images from the cloud system. 


On the other hand, in adverse scenarios such as fire, earthquake, and accident that may occur in your home, there is a risk of deterioration/loss of your physical recording device. Cloud storage can prevent this situation. 


Why Should You Use Merlin Cloud Storage for Your Electronic Security Systems? 

Merlin Cloud Storage offers many benefits for those who want to store their surveillance footage in the cloud. 


It stores data in 2 different regions. Thus, even if a natural disaster, fire, or flood is encountered in a region, your data will not be lost. Storage continues without interruption in the other region and provides you with 100% data redundancy. 


On the other hand, by providing high data scalability, your service performance is not adversely affected when more storage is required. 


To try the Merlin Cloud Storage service for free and get detailed information, leave your contact information and we will contact you! 


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