Merlin S3 Cloner

With S3 Cloner You're in Charge 


Do you depend on one provider to back up your data? Do you have to regularly back up your S3-compatible storage yourself? This job may be taking up too much of your time. 

Thanks to the practical use of Merlin S3 Cloner, you can now easily perform your backup operations without needing anyone. 


Merlin S3 Cloner is a cloning automation tool that allows you to automatically back up your S3-compatible buckets. You create the command for the backup and Merlin S3 Cloner will do the rest. You can create the backup command either as 'one time' or 'recurrent'. 


You can also perform bidirectional backup between two different S3 compatible storages. In this way, you can be sure that your data is fully backed up. 


Access settings for your data can also be configured when creating the backup command. Hence, you can copy your data into your additional storage for only backup purposes. If you want, you can switch the access settings from your source bucket to the target bucket. In this way, you can have two different buckets doing the same job and you will reduce the possibility of interruptions. You can edit this setting on the Merlin panel. 




Secure Your Data with High Data Redundancy  


Today, we know that backing up data is also very important in terms of data security. Damage to your data, loss of time, money, and workforce; may be considered as the most undesirable outcomes.  

We solve this problem by backing up data in multiple storage!  


Merlin S3 Cloner increases the security of your data by synchronously storing data on two different providers. Also, if you have an internet connection, you can access your backed-up data anytime, anywhere.  

If you are considering a second storage, Merlin S3 Compatible Cloud Storage is highly qualified to meet your needs!  


In Merlin Storage, all storage regions are geo-replicated. When you upload an object to Merlin Storage, we keep another copy of it in a geographically separate region. Even if one of the servers is hacked or crashes, we can retrieve your data from the other region. Geo-replication improves data availability, consistency, and reliability. 


metin içeren bir resim  Açıklama otomatik olarak oluşturuldu 


Save Time with Automatic Backup 

Time is the most valuable resource for individuals or institutions that cannot be replaced with anything else. It is not possible to increase the amount of time, but we can ensure that it is used effectively and efficiently. 

Merlin S3 Cloner stands out here as well. 


Imagine you have a magic calendar where you write down the tasks you need to do during the day. You write them and those works are completed. Your job is just to do the planning. It will obviously make your life easier. 

Unfortunately, the magic agenda has not yet been invented. However, Merlin S3 Cloner is ready to use, where you can set the backup frequency once and follow the automatic backup of your data. 


We can say that it will positively affect your time management in your business life. 


You can use Cron Expression for clone commands you enter into Merlin S3 Cloner. Cron Expression allows you to specify the backup frequency. You can create minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly jobs, as well as you can specify a completely custom backup frequency. Your data will be automatically cloned at the set frequency. 




S3 Compatibility 


S3 API has now become an industry standard and is widely used in almost every industry. The term S3 compatible is; It can be used for cloud storage structures that can work with the S3 API and are suitable with the S3 protocol. These structures work according to the rules in the S3 protocol for the transfer and management of data and hence, can be easily controlled with the S3 API. 


Merlin S3 Cloner can work with any S3-compatible cloud storage solution. In this way, you can keep your data backed up on multiple S3 storage providers regardless of the provider. In addition, Merlin Cloner is compatible with R2 too, so you can get a more affordable backup of data you keep in S3 storage. Get started with Merlin S3 Cloner now and ensure redundancy of your data while saving price; and without wasting any time! 


If you are not decided on which cloud storage to store or back up your data or if you want to try a new storage area, you can check Merlin S3 Compatible Cloud Storage. You can securely store your data using Merlin Cloud Storage, and you can also back up on another S3 provider with Merlin S3 Cloner. For more information about Merlin S3 Storage, visit the support center. 



Why Merlin S3 Cloner? 


Today, data management and data analysis have become more necessary and more challenging than ever, due to rapidly increasing data sizes. One of the emerging technologies to help manage data is object-based storage. object-based storage; It also creates the need to move stored objects. 


If you're using one object-based storage service for your backup and have decided to switch to another, it can be time-consuming to switch. For this process, you will need to download your backed-up data and then upload them to the new storage provider's infrastructure. Downloading and uploading large volumes of data can take a significant amount of time or cause data loss. 


At this point, we are excited to announce the Merlin S3 Cloner to you! 

We can say that Merlin S3 Cloner, which provides object transfer between S3 Compatible Storages, is a revolutionary product. 


Sometimes you may need a second storage or you may want to use a more affordable S3 Storage for your backup operations. You don't have to think about how to transfer your objects. This is where Merlin S3 Cloner comes into play and clones your objects between the two S3 providers you want. 




Get Started with S3 Cloner 


Merlin S3 Cloner is used with the Merlin panel. If you are already a Merlin user, you can start using Merlin S3 Cloner without any further action. You can start your first cloning process by going to the S3 Cloner heading in the left menu on the Merlin panel. 




If you are not a Merlin customer, register now and enjoy the easy transfer of your data. You can sign up and start using it within minutes. 

For more information about Merlin S3 Cloner, visit the support center.