Why Should I Need to Use CDN?

CDN is a network that is composed of geographically distributed servers that aim to deliver your content faster even when the client is physically far away from your origin server or your traffic is unbalanced.

By increasing the page speed, CDN aids your website to be at the top of search engine results and improve your SEO performance. In order to accelerate your content and give a better service to your visitors, to scale better and faster, increase the reliability and performance of your site, you might need a CDN service.

Wordpress with Merlin CDN

WordPress is the most popular and easiest way to create your own website or blog. According to statistics, WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the internet and this means that more than one in four websites that you encounter are probably powered by WordPress. 

And many website owners and developers are increasingly prefering to use static sites. You can read our "How to Use Static and Dynamic Distributions?" article to learn more about the differences of content types.
 CDN Plugin in Wordpress

To be able to use CDN for your WordPress site, you should be using PHP version 5.6 or higher and WordPress version 4.6 or higher. If your site is not configured, you should upgrade your system first.

With Merlin CDN you can easily plugin the CDN to your system and start using it in less than 10 minutes. Merlin CDN not only fasten your WordPress site. 

It will increase your site’s performance in so many ways. Some of the considerable points:

  • Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate and easy implementation through the panel.
  • Wildcard purge will let you update multiple contents easily and fast.
  • You will get detailed statistics about your site and your visitors; hence it will let you be aware of your clients and improve your service better.
  • With advanced HTTP control panel, you can evaluate your caches just the way you want.
  • You can configure Geo-restrictions to prevent users in selected countries from accessing your content in your distributions.
  • The static contents of your distribution are converted to WebP on-the-fly for the browsers supporting WebP.

After registering the system, and creating your first distribution, the system will produce a Domain Address that is unique for your site. This address corresponds to the Merlin CDN edges that will redirect to your site.

Start Using

In order to start using Merlin CDN on your WordPress site, you should enable the Domain Address by easily plugging it into your WordPress Admin Panel.

For more steps to use Merlin CDN, you can visit WordPress with Merlin CDN article. And the following setup details are on Getting Started with Merlin CDN.

How Much Will It Cost?

Merlin CDN provides a good pricing model for each customer segment. After registering to the system, you will be given 10$ free credit. 

You can choose the pay as you go option or subscribe a package. You can find details about our packages in the billing section on the Merlin CDN panel.

Start Using Now!