How Static and Dynamic Distributions Work with Merlin CDN?

As Merlin CDN team, we have planned our features and systems considering how we can give better performance to our customers and their customers. As a user experience we aimed for precise and easy configurations to contents, so Merlin CDN’s main component distribution was designed to achieve these.

Origins and caches are associated with the distribution for easy configuration and static and dynamic distribution types are formed for precise configuration. 

On the other hand, if you would like to read about the CDN service, which plays an important role in increasing the performance of your static and dynamic content. You can read "Benefits of CDN" blog article.

How can I determine my content is static or dynamic?

Static and Dynamic distribution types based on the content types of the web: Static and Dynamic. These contents have different cache mechanisms and must be configured differently.

Static contents change rarely, have less user interaction and they are used with a longer Cache TTL. CSS, JS files, images and fonts are example of this kind of content. For example if you are looking to build a simple blog site, the pages remain the same until writer/editor changes them manually. So, their contents will be static.

static and dynamic web contents

On the other hand, dynamic contents change often and have more user interactions (such as search bars, navigation bars etc.) and these contents are used with a short Cache TTL. HTML, JSON files and texts are example of this kind of content. News websites are good example of dynamic websites because their contents are dynamically generated through the content management system and these contents change across news pages.

To achieve this caching practice for different content types, Merlin CDN separates these contents in the distribution layer and offers the configurations that are necessary for each type. 

The exclusive configurations for Dynamic and Static Distributions are stated in the table below:

static and dynamic distributions

To provide a better service for your website all together, it is advised to use dynamic and static distributions together. Contents will be served with corresponding distribution’s configurations and you can manage them separately. For static contents, you can change the URL with the domain Merlin CDN provides or you can add a CNAME and redirect the DNS to Merlin CDN. 

For the dynamic caching, your home page and other dynamic contents that need to be served with your domain will be cached. In this situation, DNS redirection from your domain to Merlin CDN becomes necessary. 

You can check our "Use Your Own Domain Name with Merlin CDN" article to get further information about DNS redirection. 

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