Use Your Own Domain Name with Merlin CDN

Merlin CDN aims to give the best experience to your users with accelerated websites, hence owners of them. As a website owner, you just need to choose the domain name and build your website with it. We understand that you prefer using your delicately selected domain to using Merlin CDN’s distribution domain. 

So in the Merlin CDN Management Panel you should add your CNAMEs and with a little DNS operation, then voila! You can use your own domain name while accelerating your website with Merlin CDN.

Which options I have for domain name?

When you are done setting your distribution, you can start using Merlin CDN with the domain name provided in the distribution page.

Domain Name Creation

On the other hand, you can add CNAMEs to use your domain name. For the steps to add CNAMEs, you can check our Add CNAMEs article.


Next and the last step to use your domain or subdomain with Merlin CDN, is redirecting the CNAME (that you added to the Merlin CDN panel) in the panel of your DNS provider to the domain that of the distribution.  When the redirection operation is completed, the traffic on that domain automatically will be running through Merlin CDN.

You can enable an SSL certificate to a CNAME by selecting one of the uploaded certificates, or uploading a new one or you can get a Free SSL which is automated after redirecting your domain to our services. 

Note that Always Use HTTPS option in the Configuration menu requires an SSL certificate enabled for CNAME. 

For further information about adding SSL to a CNAME:

It's still up to you to use different CNAMEs with your distribution. We are not disabling the domain that Merlin CDN provides after adding a CNAME and/or redirection operation. You can use the default one or add new CNAMEs to the panel.

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