How CDN Can Help to Slow Website about User Experience

Give Your Visitors A Good User Experience with CDN

User experience for a website encompasses all the results of users’ interactions. These results directly affect the perspectives of visitors on that website.

User experience has a great importance for SEO and eventually is one of the main components affecting the visibility of websites.

What is User Experience (UX) for websites?

User experience on websites is the sum of visitors’ experiences based on the content they reach on the pages. After these experiences, websites leave negative or positive marks on visitors according to their qualities.

By means of these marks, user experience can affect whether internet users will return to that page again or whether they will like that brand or not. And websites are ambassadors of the brands on digital world, for this reason they produce the best contents for their visitors and aim to increase the product/service purchase by providing the best experience for them.

This experience on the digital media becomes more important with the increase in internet usage. There are many effective solutions to increase digital user experience.

What is User Experience Design?

There are many studies to be done in order to get user experience. The main points of these studies are to make it easier and more convenient for visitors to navigate through pages and to encourage them to do that.

Based on these important points, user experience and attractiveness of pages directly affect each other. The basics of user experience design are the things to be done for the websites to reach more visitors and for the visitors to spend more time on these sites.

Why is Page Speed Important for User Experience Design?

One of the most important and easiest way to get a better user experience is to reach maximum speed for your website. Website visitors can lose their attentions because of low- loading pages and it can cause to high bounce rate.

Page speed which is the most important thing on user experience design is the first step to be user-friendly.  No matter how successful your page design is, if it is a low-loading page, it will fail to get good user experience.

A Slow Website Can Affect Your User Experience

One of the most common complaints of website owners is the slow website speed. Slow loading pages due to uncertain problems affects negatively both visitors and website owners.

There can be many underlying reasons for this problem. Finding a quick solution for this issue is a crucial case for websites.

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How Can You Understand Your Website Speed is Slow?

Websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load are regarded as slow ones. When you are surfing on the internet, it will be easy to compare your own site speed with others.

If you are considering that your site is loading slowly, you can make it clear and learn its reasons by using many tools.

These tools will allow you to proceed more efficiently in solving this website speed problem.

2 analysis programs to measure your site speed

You can use the analysis programs below to find the factors affecting your site speed.


You can learn the page loading speed with this program. Also, as a result of your site analysis, you can learn the reasons why your site is slow. Once you learn the reasons, you can also see how to make them into solution through the same program.

PageSpeed Insights

Like GtMetrix, you can reach various analyses of your website through this Google-based analysis program.

user experience in website with cdn service

Which Factors Can Affect The Website Speed?

There are many reasons why your site speed can be negatively affected. In order to find out these reasons easily, it will be useful to think from the point of a visitor.

Also some problems, which are not directly noticed, can be caused by technical errors.

In general, these problems can be grouped into 5 items as follows.

Low-Performing Server

This factor is related to whether the servers where all the data of your site are hosted are sufficient for your site. This means that the servers of your hosting provider has a strong effect on your site. The development level of servers in your hosting provider is one of the main factors affecting your website speed.

Remember that your site’s data are located on the same server as hundreds of other sites. If the server performance is not at a sufficient level, it is inevitable that your website speed will be negatively affected.

So, you need to be extremely careful while choosing your hosting provider. You should keep in mind the possibility of slow loading speed in the future while thinking in the perspective of price-performance principle.

In conclusion, the best action to be taken would be making a wide research about the server qualities of companies before taking a hosting service. Otherwise, your site speed can be negatively affected.

Location of Your Origin Server

Another factor that affects your site speed is the location of your server. This location directly affects the page loading time. The distance between the hosting server and incoming request is inversely proportional to the website speed.

Increase in the distance between the device from which the request comes and the hosting server slows down the response speed. And this makes your site slower.

You should be careful when choosing the server where your content is hosted. The most important point to choose the server is knowing where most of your visitors come from. If you can reach a result with this parameter, you can find out where your website should be hosted most properly.

Accelerate Your Content with CDN Servers

No matter which location you choose to host your website, users located in geographically remote locations of your site will be responded late. Using a CDN service is an effective way to find a solution for this problem.

CDN is a system that helps your site visitors to access your site faster by hosting your web site content on CDN servers located in different geographical locations around the world. Incoming requests are directed to the closest CDN server and responded in the fastest way possible.

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Size of Your Images and Videos

The types of content you use directly affect the overall site size and your site speed. If your site content consists mostly of videos and images, the larger your site size will likely be.

Videos and images help you personalize your site and make it more interesting. But at the same time, these types of content affect your website speed.

The most recommended action is to minimize the size of the videos and images on your website. For example, you can reformat your images to the WebP format developed by Google.

This action does not affect the quality of your images and at the same time it allows to reduce the size of your images. In this way, you can minimize the overall size of your site by minimizing the size of your images.

You don’t have to do any extra development for WebP format. You can do it with a few clicks on Merlin CDN panel.

Up-to-date CMS (Content Management System)

Content management system, aka CMS, is the infrastructure of websites. Commonly used ones are Wordpress and Wix. Website administrators can easily configure their sites through these systems.

The development level of these systems can also affect your site speed. The only way to keep up with these renewed and developing systems is following the updates.

Following the updates of CMS allows you to get more efficiency from your site. First thing to do in this regard is keeping the system always up-to-date.

On the other hand, you need to keep the updates of CMS and plugins you use up-to-date. The other recommended action is to enable the automatic update setting of plugins.

In this way, you can make the necessary updates without having to follow them.

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Start Your User Experience Design with a CDN Service

By means of its servers from all over the world, CDN service helps you to serve your page to the visitors in the fastest way possible no matter where they come from. By using CDN, you can keep the probability of being satisfied with your website at the highest level.

When your visitors reach your static and dynamic contents at the highest performance, it becomes an user-friendly website with its design.

Google bots can reach your website content at the fastest way possible by means of CDN servers and examines your website as a fast and easy to use site and this result enables your site to be at the highest ranks by affecting your SEO scores positively.

Decrease your bounce rate with CDN

The bounce rate is called as the visitors leaving your site shortly after they enter and this is one of the factors that reduce your SEO scores mostly.

If your website has a high bounce rate, this can be evaluated negatively by Google bots and also affect your SEO score negatively.  Additionally this rate, which leads to be at lower ranks, indicates that you are giving a bad user experience to your site’s visitors.

With contribution of CDN to the page speed, visitors spend more time on the site and this helps to reduce its bounce rate. On the websites with low-loading speed, rate of moving from one page to another is low. 

Because of that, low-loading speed causes to reduce in-site movement and eventually affect your SEO score negatively.

You Can Get Bad User Experience at Peak Traffic Times without CDN

If you have a frequently visited website, possibility of sudden traffic density will be high in comparison with other sites. For this reason, it is inevitable that your page speed will decrease at peak traffic times.

Low speed arising from the high number of requests that the origin server must respond to directly can affect your SEO score negatively. CDN service will be one of the permanent solutions to control and constantly increase your user experience which is directly proportionate to the page speed.

Advanced CDN servers, which can easily handle with peak traffic, ensure that your site can respond to requests with maximum performance thanks to their bandwidth.

User EXperience for Design Based Websites

Preserving or increasing their SEO scores for the websites having high-resolution images and videos requires more work compared to other sites. Since the size of images and videos is high, the size of the data that needs to be served also increases. 

To increase page-loading speed of websites having content with high sizes, using advanced servers of CDN service can gain competitiveness for you.

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