Digital Security Grows in Importance

Cyber security has become one of the main concerns for people in this century. In addition to the changing human needs over time, the security measures to be taken have also changed.

Important issues such as money, information and business have become to be hosted in digital media. That’s why it is crucial to take your business and personal digital id under protection.

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What is cyber security?

Cyber security is a type of security that protects technologies such as computers, servers, electronic systems and other network systems from cyber attacks. With the acceleration of digitalization, cyber security has become more important issue.

Also cyber security requires companies to sell technology products with their security solutions.

Due to the sharing of crucial information on the internet, many types of cyber attacks have emerged. For this reason, many people fight against these potential dangers by developing software and taking some precautions. It is aimed to prevent cyber attacks made by third parties with malicious purposes.

With the increasing number of cyber security specialists, the number of studies on this security issue in the digital world are increasing too.

There has been an increase in cyber security expenses in recent years!

In recent years, cyber attacks on large companies such as Facebook and Yemeksepeti have affected many user groups. Important privacy issues have emerged due to the theft of crucial information such as user data and email accounts.

And according to the research, investments on cyber security companies have increased 9 times. It is estimated that these investments will reach 363 billion dollars by 2025.

Due to the pandemic, remote working model has started to be used more. And this made it difficult to ensure information security.

According to the research, there has been a 300% increase in cyber attacks since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

With remote working model, increasing number of vulnerabilities cause many damages to companies in case of attacks. So, the studies of companies in the field of security has accelerated.

Your footprint on web: Digital Footprint

Digital footprint refers to trail of data you leave behind when using the internet. This footprint expands every time you go online. Many sites and platforms you interact with are the main reasons for these footprints. Social media platforms, e-commerce and blog sites can be examples of these.

There are two types of it: active and passive. Active digital footprint occurs when the user interacts voluntarily on social media or forums.

On the other hand, passive digital footprint occurs when the information is collected by others out of the user's request and aware. Advertising campaigns are shown as special for you by means of these information.

Potential risks of digital footprint

Malicious third parties may harm you materially and morally by using your digital footprint. Your trail or activity on sites that you are unsure of its security may cause cyber attacks.

The security of your digital footprint is crucial. So, you should be careful and not access to unreliable sources on the internet. Otherwise, there can be some sharing that will harm your online reputation without your knowledge. And this can cause problems in your social life.

Another reason you should be careful of is the possibility that people around you may interpret your digital activities differently. For example, if you are sharing posts on social media, their contents can be changed and this can cause charges against you.

In conclusion, your employer may misunderstand you while reviewing your social media accounts.

Cybercriminals can use your digital footprint to abuse you. They can steal your credentials by means of your digital footprint. And they can use these information maliciously.

How can you ensure your cyber security?

You can improve your cyber security in more than one way in the line with your requirements. Here's what you can do to ensure security:

cyber attacks and cyber security

Minimize mistakes with Linux Server Security Automation!

Many mistakes occur when defining and deploying firewall rules on your Linux servers. These mistakes on firewall rules cause serious vulnerabilities.

The firewall rules should be defined without missing and error to prevent these vulnerabilities.

ERWALL - Linux Firewall Automation is designed for this requirement. Complicated terminal screen may cause you not to see some mistakes you made on iptables rules. You can use simple and easy-to-use interface instead of defining your rules on terminal screen.

So, you can minimize your mistakes and go step further in reducing vulnerabilities.

ERWALL works on-premise and requires installation with only a license key. Since you don’t have to do anything else for installation, you will easily ensure the security of your automation and firewall rules.

Start using ERWALL with 5 free servers!

Save your website against malicious requests with WAF!

Incoming requests to your site may not always be benign as your potential customers. There are many types of request with malicious software that are used for cyber attacks. These may cause a lot of damage on your site including crashes.

WAF (Web Application Firewall) on your CDN servers provides you to filter incoming requests to your site.

You may be vulnerable to DDoS attacks due to your insufficient bandwidth.

You should use a CDN service to protect your site against cyber attacks. CDN servers take the requests from your origin server, if needed. So, CDN can prevent the harmful software such as DDoS, which can overload your bandwidth.

Start using Merlin CDN with 10$ free credit to prevent attacks.

Discover your vulnerabilities with penetration test!

This application helps you discover your vulnerabilities, and many companies take this by outsourcing. When the teams make this test, they act like a hacker. They discover whether your site has vulnerabilities in a controlled manner.

This process shows how resistant your site is to cyber attacks. Penetration tests allows you to fix your vulnerabilities at the right time before you come across with any cyber attacks.

Use an antivirus program!

One of the most known solutions by web users is to use an antivirus program. These programs block incoming viruses to your computer.

It can be said that it is one of the easiest methods to ensure security. You don’t need to have as much knowledge as cyber security experts to use these programs.

You should start using these methods if you are in doubt about your cyber security and want to improve it.