Services Website Owners Need to Know

Maintain Your Website Performance with Up-to-Date Programs 

Websites are constantly renewing and developing themselves. In order to carry out these activities, websites use various tools and services. 

These technologies are used to help you discover the points that need improvement or the existing problems on the websites. 

It can make a positive contribution to your way of doing business by saving time and cost. 

Websites are Stronger with Technological Services 

It is extremely easy to set up a website and use that website for your purpose. However, the varying tastes and habits of website visitors can directly change the performance of your site. 

Factors such as higher quality content, faster websites, and practicality can affect the user experience of website visitors. 

At the same time, other websites that are in competition with each other also necessitate the development of your site. Competitor websites that want to overtake you will try to achieve this by using certain tools and services. 

These tools and services enable websites to keep up with technological developments. Thus, it helps website administrators in making their websites more optimized. 

The following applications and programs can be given as examples of these technological services.

Speed ​​Up Your Website with CDN Technology 

CDN service helps to increase the user experience of your visitors by making your website load faster. 

CDN service ensures that your website content is cached on CDN servers in different locations around the world. The request to your website is answered from the nearest CDN server. In this way, the problem of slow loading websites is prevented. 

CDN service also provides significant benefits in SEO performance, thanks to its contribution to website loading speed, considering one of the factors that affect SEO performance the most is website speed. Websites using a CDN are quickly crawled by the search engine. 

In this way, the website is perceived as a user-friendly website by the search engine. You can do better on the search engine results page (SERP). Your high indexed website will be closer to your potential customers.

Customer Communication Platforms

As brands enhance their digital presence, customers' focus has shifted to the Internet a little more. Most shopping behaviors are now taking place over the internet. For this reason, brands have started to communicate with their customers again in the digital environment. 

For this reason, faster and more automated communication became important for customer satisfaction. Getting back to customers in the fastest and most efficient way has become its sole focus. 

For this purpose, customer communication platforms emerged. In particular, the automatic sending of e-mails and the tracking of replies to send e-mails have become easier with these programs. Thus, the bond between websites and their customers has become tighter. 

Sendgrid can be given as an example of such an application that can be used to avoid losing customers. 

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WAF (Web Application Firewall)

It is equally important that your website is reliable as well as produces quality content. Sites that are open to cyber-attacks can cause problems when noticed by malicious people. 

To prevent this, you can use the WAF service on your site. WAF is an HTTP filtering tool. By blocking malicious requests to your website, it prevents cyber-attacks on your site. 

Merlin WAF also protects your website from the most known cyber-attacks released by OWASP. Thanks to the buttons that you can activate with a few clicks, you can perform this operation in less than a minute. 

Start using Merlin WAF right now to protect your website from malicious requests. 

Produce Quality Content with Designing Websites 

Thanks to customizable website templates, you can produce quality and appropriate content for your website. You can come up with designs that describe your product or service best and you can reach your potential customers this way. 

Thanks to such websites, you can make the job of your website designer or manager even easier. Thus, you can increase your digital presence by producing more quality content in a shorter time. 

You also generally allowed to use these websites, which can also offer design suggestions, free of charge, up to a certain level. You can design both social media posts and website page content.

An example of such designing websites is Canva. With Canva, one of the most well-known design sites, you can design any idea you want. 

You Can Easily Store Your Content with Storage 

It is very important to maximize the quality of your website content and ensure its continuity, but the more the number and quality of your website content, the more space they will occupy. 

For this reason, you can use Storage for easily store of your website in the appropriate place. You can store all kinds of objects with Storage and solve the storage problem. You can also host your static content by storing it on Merlin Storage servers. In this way, your content will be stored easily, and you will not doubt the security of your content. 

Once your static contents are stored on a Merlin Storage server, a copy of your content is kept on the other Storage server. Thus, after a problem with the servers, your content will be safely stored, and you will not experience any loss. 

Click now to start the Merlin Storage service. 

Google Statistics and Management Tools

Google offers you many tools to see the statistics of your website comfortably and in detail. 

These tools help you to manage your website more efficiently. It helps you find out where you need to do improvements or changes on your website. 

Examples of the most used Google tools are: 

With these tools, you can monitor the performance of your website and prevent potential problems before they even exist. 

You can also reach your potential customers more easily by enabling your website to advertise on Google with Google Ads. 

Google tools are a must-have for every website big or small. In this way, it will be easier for you to have a higher-quality website. 

You Should Use Competitor and Market Analysis Programs 

Statistical data gives a lot of information about your website, your market, and your competitors. Using these programs, you can discover your current location. You can also find out what keywords your customers are using for the products they want to buy. 

Analysis programs, which can give you an idea on many issues, help you to take more correct steps while making marketing strategies and planning. 

For this reason, your use of these programs will be a roadmap in determining the current position of your website and in future studies. Cost items that may occur in this regard may save you from larger potential losses that may arise. These tools and services that you can obtain for your website allow you to have a more efficient website. 

One of the best examples of these programs is the Semrush analysis program. 

By using these services and programs, you can provide your customers with a more efficient user experience and increase the competitiveness of your website. 

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