Increase Your Cyber Security With WAF

If you manage a website, then you must be aware of the importance of securing it with WAF. In recent years, ease of connecting to the internet has increased the use of web-based services and the availability of information.

It resulted in more reliance on web applications which come with a whole new set of vulnerabilities. The threats on the web application of a firm also affect the other operations and may result in serious legal sanctions.

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Threats Are Increasing

According to ATLAS Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), the number of DDoS attacks increased 31% in the first quarter of 2021, compared to last year’s same period. Experts say that if activity holds, it will exceed the 10-million attack threshold. Web-based attacks can target both small and large-scale web applications, governmental agencies, and news sites. Day by day, the need for tools to protect web applications increases.

Solution: Web Application Firewall

To solve these challenges, we are excited to announce Merlin WAF - a powerful web application firewall that secures your website against web-based cyber-attacks and helps you to keep your focus on your business while your website is being served securely to the users.

WAF acts as a reverse proxy, standing between the users and your server. It is an advanced HTTP filtering tool that eliminates the malicious requests targeting your web application while directing benign ones to the origin server. 

WAF works fully integrated with the Merlin CDN and they can be managed from the same panel.

Your Application, Your Rules

Merlin WAF comes with the Custom Rules feature, which allows you to define the conditions of whether a request must be blocked or accepted. Once a rule is running, all traffic of your website is passed through the rule's conditions and related action taken if the conditions hold.

You can add conditions on IP addresses, User Agents, request headers, and more. Merlin CDN provides an easy-to-use web interface to logically combine conditions, enabling you to define complex detailed rules according to your business needs. For more information about custom rules, please refer to this support center article.

WAF- web application firewall

Let the Experts Guide You

Adding a custom WAF Rule helps you to be specific on your firewall configuration according to your business needs. However, it may be tricky and complicated for some general cases. Merlin WAF comes with Managed Rules feature, which consists of predefined rule sets to secure your website against critical attacks.

Without defining rules and conditions, you can enable and disable Managed Rules with one click. Merlin WAF's Managed Rules protect your site from OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities. Learn more about Managed Rules by reading our blog article Activating / Deactivating a Managed Ruleset.


But it does not end there. We have developed more features to increase your experience with Merlin WAF. Merlin WAF provides Policies, Lists, and Detection Mode features.


Policies help you to group managed and custom rule configurations, to use in several distributions.

You can create policies for different security levels, or for different groups of distributions. Thanks to policies, you can change several distributions' WAF configurations with few actions.


You can group IP Addresses and User Agents to use in your rule conditions. Even if you have thousands of IP Addresses on your blacklist, you can easily add them as a list and use them in your rules.

You can also import list elements from CSV files in seconds.

Detection Only Mode

If you just want to log the activities of your WAF Policy, instead of blocking or accepting requests directly, you can enable detection only mode.

It logs the requests to be blocked or accepted but does not take action on them. It is useful for experimental cases.

Start Using Merlin WAF

Merlin WAF is provided with the Merlin CDN. If you are already a Merlin CDN user, then you can use Merlin WAF without any further action. You can start to use it through the Merlin CDN panel.

If you are not a Merlin customer, register now and increase your website’s experience by accelerating and securing it.

You can register now and start to use Merlin CDN with 10$ free credits

For more information on Merlin WAF, visit the support center.