Keep Safe and Easily Access Your Data with Cloud Storage

Internet users generate data as a result of all kinds of transactions they make in the digital environment. This body of data forms the building blocks of the concept of knowledge.


The data created by the internet, whose use has increased over the years, also increases cumulatively. Thus, the importance of information technology, which has great importance in the digital world, has also increased.


Two of the biggest factors hindering the development of information technology are the storage and the transfer of this data. These problems have enabled data storage technology to gain positive momentum.


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What is Data? 

Data is the information in the computational environment that can be processed by programs. From invoices to family photo albums, it can be said that everything is data.


This data, which we can also call digital data, is the data that emerges as a result of each transaction. E-invoices or a file uploaded to a computer can be considered digital data. 


Why Is Storage So Important? 

Storage allows us to use the information, images, videos, and files that we want to have in both social and business life when we need them.


In particular, the storage of the contents of the websites is of great importance in terms of the functioning of the website. Storing content such as images and videos that attract the most attention of internet users is a necessity for websites.  


Why Should You Store Your Website Data? 

Today, we store, organize and process almost all the information we have in a computer environment. Thus, the size of the resulting data can reach such large dimensions that it cannot be ignored.


As the size of the data you want to keep grows day by day, you may realize that it becomes more difficult to store this data. The most commonplace to run into these problems is websites. Websites constantly produce content to provide a better service to their users.


This non-stop content production dramatically increases the overall data size of the website. 


Rapidly increasing data sizes can raise both capacity, availability, and security questions.  


For this reason, the accessibility of the data to the visitors in the fastest way should be well planned and the security of the data should be maximized. 


Problems That May Happen in a Bad Storage System 

There is a possibility that some problems may arise due to deficiencies in your Storage service. These problems can harm the usability, accessibility, or security of the data that is being stored. 


The problems you may experience due to the inadequacy of the storage system you use can be exemplified as follows; 

  • In unexpected adverse situations such as technical problems and natural disasters, if you do not have a backup storage service data loss may occur. 
  • Web users may experience access/connection issues during their visit to your website. 
  • Functional problems may occur in the use of data. 

To avoid such problems, start using the Merlin Cloud Storage service now. 


Merlin Storage Service Works 

Merlin Storage is an S3-based object storage service. Thus, it provides security, data availability, scalability, and performance above industry standards. Companies from various industries use this storage service to store and secure their data. 


Merlin Storage is based on S3, you only need to update your access information when you want to switch from another S3-based service.

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Store Your Data as Objects

Merlin Storage is the term object. “Object” consists of data stored in Merlin Storage service and metadata describing this data. Metadata is data that describes the properties of data. Metadata can think of as information about your data.



You can visualize this subject in your mind like book catalogs in libraries. Objects have a size limit, but if the object you want to hide is larger than this limit, you can also save it by dividing it into parts.


The file type of your objects is not important, with Merlin Storage, you can access your data in any file type from anywhere, anytime.


You can store files in any format you want, such as pdf, image, or sound. For example: For your images, it is possible to store all jpeg, png, and WebP developed by Google.


Merlin Storage Provides User Control

To control the users who can access your objects, you can add them to your organization as users and decide what type of data each user can access. In this way, you can create roles and define access rights to these roles.


With log records, you can monitor the movement of each user you add. 


Merlin Storage is stored in pairs of servers located in geographically different regions.


This will increase the availability, consistency, and reliability of your data because even when a server is hacked or malfunctioning, you will be able to access your data from backups on its peer server. 


Group Your Data with Buckets  

The structure where these objects, that is, your data are stored, is called a “Bucket”. Buckets have no size limitation, but it is not recommended to store a large number of objects in a single bucket. Instead, it is recommended to store your data by scattering it across buckets.


Each time a bucket has been created, a public URL will be given by default, so you can easily access the public objects in it. However, for objects that you do not want to be accessible to everyone, you can set the bucket privacy to private.


If the privacy is selected as private, it is necessary to log in from the panel. If the necessary permissions are given to the logged in user, the user will be able to see these objects. 


Safely Store Your Data in Different Regions

We mentioned that each bucket is stored in two different regions. These regions are Turkey-Germany and France-Netherlands pairs for Merlin Storage.


When creating a Bucket, you decide in which location you want it to be stored, so your data is uploaded to the geographically closest one of this server duo and then copied to the other peer. 


In case of a problem on one of the servers, your data will be recoverable from the peer server.


Don't Miss the Changes in Your Data

Every change made and recorded on your object will be saved as versions, so you can access your object in different time periods.


Each object in each bucket has a unique key value. So, objects will be accessible with bucket, key, and version information.