How to Increase the Cyber Security of Your Servers?

Cyber Security Dangers are Rising 


The speed and importance of software and internet technologies are increasing day by day. This makes it more difficult to provide cyber security. 


The software and different protocols that are being developed may cause security vulnerabilities in Linux servers from time to time. This situation threatens digital data security by causing dangers in developing software technology. 


Some measures are taken and evaluating to protect against cyber-attacks and to increase the cyber security of Linux servers. 


What Does Cyber Security Mean? 


Cyber security is the protection of servers, mobile devices, networks, and data of such electronic systems. It can also be called the whole of the applications used for the protection and storage of data kept in the digital environment. 


Your cyber security may be under threat due to the use of malicious software developed by malevolent people. This is important for anyone involved with software and the internet. With the acceleration of digitalization, cyber security has gained importance in all areas of life. This is because almost everyone has a phone or a bank account. 


For your personal data not to be used for malicious purposes, cyber security must be ensured without errors. The information that can be obtained due to the slightest vulnerability can be used against you. 


What is Server Security? Why is it Important? 


Server security is the work that aims to protect digital data on servers from malicious software. 


The protection of servers that are active 24/7 depends on the application of protective measures on security vulnerabilities. At the same time, regular improvements made depending on the improvements made on the servers will reduce the security vulnerabilities. 


Successful cyber-attacks can capture the information on the servers and use this information for crimes such as fraud. Many confidential and private information such as personal data can be used against individuals. 


For this reason, many crimes or problems that may arise can bring the institutions or individuals that keep the information under suspicion. This situation can harm both the institutions exposed to cyber-attacks and the people to whom the information belongs. 


As a result, it is vital to eliminate cybersecurity vulnerabilities to ensure server security. 


What Does Cyber Vulnerabilities Mean? 


The system loopholes become vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to certain bugs. Unnoticed omissions in the structures of the servers can lead to the emergence of cyber security vulnerabilities. 


What are the Factors Causing Cyber Security Vulnerabilities? 


One of the most common factors is the faulty cyber security defenses on the servers. The shortcomings of software developed against cyber-attacks can lead to difficulties in defense. 


Faulty defense, this issue leaves servers vulnerable to malicious intruders. Firewall systems that cannot be configured successfully, also cannot protect servers as desired. 


In addition, processes such as transfer, resource use, and resource deletion, known as resource management, can also cause problems. When the system that provides resource management is weak, the servers within the management may be in potential danger. 


Finally, insecure connections between the elements in your network are one of the factors that most affect the occurrence of security vulnerabilities. Deficiencies in communication methods in the network may not protect your servers against attacks such as SQL Injection. 


cyber security of your linux server's firewall


What Consequences Can Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Have? 


Institutions or individuals who are faced with cyber-attacks after security vulnerabilities may face all kinds of consequences. 

Leaking important information such as bank card information and ID number causes both material and moral problems. This may increase the incidence of cyber fraud and theft. 


Cyber-attacks, especially on important and large institutions, can cause harm to millions of people at once. Without people even knowing, data can be stolen, and it may be too late to realize that it has been used viciously. 


At the same time, the damage that can be done is so great that it can directly crash websites. It can interrupt the live broadcasts and the attacker can broadcast the content they want on the live broadcast. 


Cyber security, which has a high sensitivity, is one of the most important issues for companies. 


How Can Server and Network Security Increase Against Attacks? 


There are many methods to increase cyber security as well as the factors that will cause vulnerabilities in cyber security. 

Thanks to these methods, you can reduce security vulnerabilities and discover deficiencies in your server and network. 


Discover Your Vulnerabilities by Performing a Penetration Test 


With this service, you can catch security vulnerabilities on your servers. Professional experts, also called ethical hackers, try to infiltrate your servers without malicious intent. 


They test how secure your servers are by trying to find ways to break into your system like a real hacker. Thanks to the methods they use, if they find a bug on your servers, it is forwarded to your authorities for correction. 


Thus, it is ensured that you have taken the necessary precautions before a real malicious hacker enters your servers. 


ERWALL – You Can Use Linux Firewall Automation 


ERWALL offers you a convenient interface, allowing you to get rid of the complex terminal screen. It helps you to create your firewall configurations faster. 


You can configure your iptables rules by using a plain and simple panel instead of the terminal screen. In this way, you can minimize the share of human error and the possibility of creating a firewall vulnerability. 

It saves time by allowing you to run a configuration on multiple servers at the same time. With this feature, you also need fewer employees. 


Another feature is that it allows you to collect the IP addresses you want to work on under an IPSet. In this way, you can save time and easily handle the things that need to be done. 


Click here to start using ERWALL – Linux Firewall Automation with 5 free servers. 


You Can Organize Seminars on Data Security

You can organize seminars to make your employees more aware of data security and cyber-attacks. In this way, you can ensure that your employees are aware of this issue. You can prevent them from making simple mistakes by being prepared for the cyber dangers they may encounter during their work hour. 


Thus, you can easily prevent a potentially big problem before it happens, with the knowledge provided by the pieces of training. 


By using these methods, you can reduce the security vulnerabilities of your servers and your network in general and increase your cyber security. 

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