CDN History and The Internet

The internet has connected the world by allowing people to share their hobbies, jobs, and other interests among others.


Thanks to the fact that anyone who wants to, can open a website, people have become able to reveal their differences digitally.


In this manner, people started using CDN with the intent of the need to make what they want to share in the digital world more accessible. 


The Birth of the Internet: WEB 

This technology began to show for the first time in the 1950s when computers gained importance. The USA, the UK, and France are some of the countries that made the first studies on the web. 


Shortly after this date, in the 1960s, a company called ARPANET was supported by the US Department of Defense in this regard. There's a reason this company has made a name for itself in web technology history. This is because it was the first company to use the Internet Protocol with its acronym (IP). 


A computer scientist named Donald Davies established a network by connecting packet switching networks in the following years. This established network project became the pioneer of the work to be done in the next 20 years. 


In the late 1980s, British engineer Tim Berners-Lee integrated this cumulatively developed technology into a working network system. This integration can be described as the first step of today's internet.


CDN Service Started to Be Used for the First Time 

Every day, every second, millions of data reaches users over the internet network. The widespread use of the Internet has led to an increase in the flow of data on the network. 


These transferred data are included in the internet network from many different parts of the world. The longer the distance the data traveled, the more time it took them to reach their destination. For this reason, the issue of transferring data from one place to another has gained more importance.


The most important product developed for this emerging need was CDN technology. Developed for the first time by a company in the early 2000s, CDN was designed to provide users with better internet usage. 


Thus, CDN became one of the first studies in history based on improving the performance of websites. 

history of cdn service

What Was the Main Reason for the Need for a CDN? 

The strongest reason that can be said in answer to this question is that the Internet is provided by cable networks that surround the world. Since data roaming on the Internet takes place over cables, some connection problems arise. 


The longer the internet cable length in the path of the data, the slower the response time. Data arriving late to the computer to which it is to be answered causes delayed loading in the website browser.


In order to avoid this problem, CDN technology places CDN servers in many parts of the world. These servers are used for caching the responses to be sent to the incoming requests. 


The request to the website is answered from the CDN server closest to the request.


Thus, it is ensured that the request is transmitted in the fastest way without the need to go to the remote main server. 


CDN technology, which prevents website content from being opened late, provides even better performance as its CDN servers increase. 


70.57% of Top 10K Sites in the World Use CDN 

The CDN usage rates of websites that want to increase their digital presence and website performance are increasing. 


Websites that accelerate their content with CDN service provide a better user experience to their visitors. CDN allows users to spend more productive time on the website by increasing the speed of circulation within the website.


According to a study by BuiltWith, 70.57% of the top 10,000 websites use CDN services. This research can be shown as a sign that the use of CDN positively affects your website performance. 


On the other hand, as Google Turkey Country Manager Bülent Söylemez said in his speech at a CEO summit, regarding site speed: “If your website opens for more than 3 seconds, you lose 75% of your customers.” If your site speed is low, you are more likely to lose potential customers. 


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So, When Do We Need a CDN Service? 

Websites do not need any specific reason to start using a CDN service. Every website that wants to increase website speed can start using CDN. 


On the other hand, the following websites can be shown as examples of websites that may need CDN service in particular. 

  • Websites with high monthly traffic,
  • Those who want to offer a higher quality website experience to their overseas visitors, 
  • Websites that want to be protected from attacks such as DDoS attacks,
  • Websites aiming to increase SEO Performance, 
  • Websites that are dissatisfied with the site and site opening speed, 
  • Websites that may experience sudden traffic spikes.


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