Importance of News Sites on the Web

The presentation of news are being online day by day with the development of technology. With the increasing number of internet users, many people have started to follow the current affairs as web-based. 

Today’s news have taken its place more in digital journalism over time. Some of the factors that cause this are being cheaper, faster and reachable from a technical aspect. 

CDN service and News Websites

Why News Sites Need to Use a CDN Service?

All news sites which want to bring the news as many people as possible should aim to grow and adapt to the market. CDNs offer many advantages which will enhance your performance and make your work easier to reach this aim.  In this part, we will mention about the advantages of Merlin CDN for the news sites.

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The Advantages of Merlin CDN for the News Sites 

1- Lower Your Cost 

Using Merlin CDN for your news site will lower your cost. The reason of this is lowering the server load and data transportation cost by caching content and delivering to the users from here. After caching the contents, they are served from the caches of Merlin CDN servers. 

If there is not any cache on the server, the content will be taken from Merlin CDN servers and will be cached to serve for the other users. Thus, it provides a faster login. 

Since the data will be saved in the cache mechanism of the servers located in many parts of the world, the user on the other side of the world gets the content from Merlin CDN servers, instead of coming a long way to reach your website. Thus, the cost will be less by not going for the long distance. 

2- Increase the Resistance of Websites to Crash Down 

Sudden traffic changes are very common on news sites. The server load and number of users are increasing unpredictably in the breaking news. Because of the number of users, when there is high-traffic, there is a risk of crashing. 

The data on your origin servers are cached by the Merlin CDN servers and for this reason, the cached data on these servers will be served and the density of website traffic will be less. Thus, the origin server will not be exhausted and a resistance to crush down will be developed.

3- Advanced Security System

DDoS attacks prevent the website from working properly by sending too many requests to exceed site’s access capacity. By means of its advanced security system, Merlin CDN secures your news sites from security threats like DDoS attacks. 

If your news site is under attacks of DDoS, Merlin CDN guards your site by preventing the attacks from reaching to your origin server. 

4- Reduce the Bandwidth Costs 

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data transmitted over internet at a given time. It occupies an important place to streamline the data flow in high-traffic sites. Merlin CDN takes the content from cache mechanism and delivers the cached content in high-traffic websites without going to the origin server. 

This enables to save a lot of bandwidth on the origin side and bandwidth with the origin server infrastructure will be higher. 

5- Improve Your SEO Performance

Since Merlin CDN enhances your news site’s performance significantly, it aids you to be at the top of the search engine results. Accelerated websites are always being at the top of the search results. 

By serving a variety of SEO solutions, of the two identical news sites, Merlin CDN will get the results of the faster one at the top. 

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