Cloud storage is becoming increasingly important for professionals responsible for taking high-quality photos and videos. 


Photographers, who are the best known in this field, need to present the content they produce to their customers in high quality. It is equally important to store the projects created in this business branch where visuality is at the forefront.


Keeping projects safe and easy to use in the long term is a must. It's recommended that photographers store their videos and photos in the cloud to ensure this. 


What is Cloud Storage? 

The technology enables your digital assets, such as photos and videos, to be stored in a virtual environment. Cloud technology provides data security while meeting your storage needs.


Your objects are kept in a private environment and prevented from being accessed by third parties. At the same time, it inhibits data loss by protecting your data from unexpected situations. 


Basic Features of Cloud Storage Service 

4 user needs cloud storage technology should provide to the user.


Even the lack of at least one of these 4 basic issues can seriously reduce the performance of that cloud storage service. To examine these needs: 


Data security 

It is the most important need met by cloud storage technology. A cloud storage service should leave no room for doubt while ensuring data security. 


The basis of 100% data security should be inevitable for the cloud storage service provider. 


In cases such as theft or loss of data, the user may face serious damage. 


For this reason, when choosing a service provider, care should be taken to choose companies that have taken the necessary precautions for security and can make a commitment to data security. 


Scalability Performance 

If you have small but large numbers of data, scalability performance can affect your cloud service usage. 


If your cloud storage service does not provide good scalability performance, it can complicate your data management. To prevent this, you should consider the qualifications of the provider you receive service from. 


An S3-compatible cloud storage service allows you to increase your scalability performance. It maximizes the scalability of your numerous but small volumes of data. 


It saves you the time you spend on data management. 


Start trying now with a $10 free credit to store your data safely and easily with S3-compatible Merlin Cloud Storage. 


Why Do Photographers Need Cloud Storage? 

Photos and videos taken by professional photographers can have high dimensions. Keeping these works safe and useful is part of the job.


What Are the Benefits of Cloud Storage for Photographers? 


Increases Availability of Photos and Videos 

Cloud storage makes the videos and photos taken by photographers accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. 

In this way, the photographer has the freedom to access the desired photo or video instantly when needed. 


Prevents Photos and Videos from Getting Lost 

Each client can mean hundreds of photos need to be stored. Keeping these files on physical storage devices such as hard drives rather than the cloud can increase the likelihood of data loss. 


In cases such as loss or theft, you are very likely to lose your photos and videos. 


To avoid this, you can store your files in Merlin Cloud Storage. The probability of data loss of your files stored on servers located in 2 different regions is zero. 


Choice of Cloud Storage for Photographers 

Things to consider when choosing a cloud storage service provider may affect the performance of your service. 


What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Cloud Storage Service? 

You can collect the things you need to consider when choosing a provider into 3 items. 


100% Data Loss Prevention 

Data security is an issue that should not be left in doubt in cloud storage services. 


The first questions to be answered when making a selection are where and how the data is stored. The answers to these questions can provide you with a piece of preliminary information about whether data security can be provided or not. 


Convenient Administration Panel 

The management panel must be well prepared to easily store the desired photos and videos. 

It is important that the most common operations such as uploading, downloading, or moving can be performed practically. In this way, you can do your transactions without having to know too much about the storage service. 



Depending on the volume of work you do, the number of photos and videos you need to store can be very high. You can waste time checking and editing too many files. 

For this reason, the cloud storage service, which offers high scalability performance, facilitates the management of your files. 


Why Should Photographers Choose Merlin Cloud Storage Service? 


Pay As You Go Option 

Merlin Cloud Storage allows you to pay for the file size you use. In this way, if your total file size is reduced, the amount you will pay is also reduced by the same amount. 


Bring the Chance of Losing Your Photos and Videos to Zero 

Merlin Cloud Storage stores your files in 2 different regions. Even if a problem occurs in one region, your files are still protected in the other. 





Send Files to Your Customers with an Encrypted Link 

Delivering photos and videos to customers after an event or wedding requires speed and convenience. 


To have this, you can store your photos and videos in Merlin Cloud Storage. When you start using Merlin Cloud Storage, you can send them to your customers via a URL that belongs to you. 


The URLs you send will be encrypted and available for the specified period. If you wish, you can also transmit these URLs indefinitely and without a password. 


With the encrypted link you send, customers can directly download the files. This way, the files to be sent reach the other party within seconds. You can continue to keep these files you send on your panel regularly. 


Why Choose Cloud Storage Over Local Storage? 

Storing your files in the cloud instead of local storage, both have pros and cons. But with the development of cloud technology, the advantages of cloud storage began to come to the fore. 


Protect Your Files From Physical Damage 

Thanks to cloud storage, your files are not damaged by physical accidents. For example, there are negative scenarios in that your hard disk, which is a local storage tool, may encounter problems such as burning, getting lost, or stealing.


Your files hosted in the cloud do not encounter such situations. 


Provide Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility 

Your files are accessible, anytime and anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. However, while using local storage, if your storage device is not with you, it is not possible to access your files. 


Capacity Increase in a Short Time 

In addition, thanks to cloud storage, you can increase the storage capacity whenever you want. With the Pay As You Go option, you pay as your usage amount. To increase the capacity of local storage, you must first have a larger storage device. 


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