The scalability needs of companies with high volumes of data have led to the development of cloud storage specifically for this need. Cloud storage methods have been developed to reach the desired data from a large number of files in the easiest and fastest way. 


The S3 (Simple Storage Service) protocol can be counted among the methods used to increase the scalability of your objects stored in the cloud. 



What is S3 (Simple Storage Service)? 

S3 is an object storage service that can store your data in the cloud in a simple way. Regardless of size or type, every data can be stored in the cloud with S3. S3 cloud storage defines the data and the entire environment in which the data resides as objects. 


The data is stored in the relevant buckets according to user needs. These created buckets allow data to be more easily found and grouped. 



Advantages of S3 Compatible Cloud Storage - Merlin Cloud Storage 

S3 cloud storage benefits users in many ways. We can examine the benefits by dividing them into 7 different categories.  



High Object Scalability 

Merlin Cloud Storage offers you an advanced cloud storage service. It works according to the S3 protocol and provides high scalability when storing your objects. 


It stores thousands of small-sized objects conveniently and securely, regardless of format. 



Secure Cloud Storage with Public and Private Feature 

Managing the availability of your Buckets with S3 is a very simple and short process. You can make your objects accessible by marking them as “Public” or restrict their access by marking them as “Private”. 


After you set your buckets as "Public" you can get the Public Links of your objects. You can allow people to access the object by sending this link to the people you want to reach the object. This link consists of your bucket name and the name of the file. Since this link is not encrypted, anyone who knows the file name and bucket address can access your "Public" objects from anywhere in the world. 


At the same time, you can generate encrypted links to make the objects in your bucket designated as "Private. There will be a time limit on the links you will produce. In this way, you limit access by allowing only the people with the link to access the objects for the period you specify.






You Can Increase Object Reachability with S3 

Cloud storage provides greater availability than local storage. Thanks to the internet connection, you can access your objects from anywhere at any time. 


You need to have these devices with you to access the objects on your devices that can be considered local storage, such as a hard disk. This may mean carrying a lot while traveling. 


With S3 cloud storage, you can access your objects quickly by logging into your cloud storage provider's management panel. 


At the same time, you will not encounter situations such as physical loss or theft that you may encounter in local storage while using cloud storage. This way, you can reduce the chance of data loss. 



Double Region Feature Reduces the Chance of Data Loss to 0% 

Negative situations such as cyber-attacks or natural disasters may occur to the servers where your objects are stored. In such cases, you are likely to lose the objects you have stored on those servers.


For this reason, Merlin Cloud Storage simultaneously stores your objects in two different regions. Even if there is a negative situation in one region, your data is kept safe in the other region. Thanks to the Double Region feature, your data loss probability is reduced to 0%. 


You can start using Merlin Cloud Storage right away with a free $10 credit to try the S3-compatible cloud storage service. 



You Can Host Static Websites 

Merlin Cloud Storage offers you more than just an ordinary cloud storage service. Besides storing your objects in the cloud, you can host your static website. 


Hosting your website here also gives you website redundancy. Your website content, like your other objects, is stored in 2 regions. In this way, you can eliminate the possibility of losing your website content. 



Practical Management Panel Layout 

Merlin's panel design allows even people who are not experts in cloud storage services to use Merlin Cloud Storage easily. The panel has a clear and simple layout. 


It also involves different Merlin products such as CDN, giving you the chance to use more than one product in a single panel. 



S3 Cloud Storage Provides Lower Cost 

Merlin Cloud Storage, an S3-compatible cloud storage service, provides a cost advantage when storing your objects. Thanks to the “Pay As You Go” payment method, you only pay as much as you store. 


It allows you to save on storage costs by not paying for unused storage areas.



Who Should Use S3 Compatible Cloud Storage? 

All individuals and institutions that need cloud storage can use S3-compatible cloud storage services. Also, users who want to reduce their hosting costs by hosting static websites can choose this service.


To learn more about S3-compatible Merlin Cloud Storage, schedule a 10-minute meeting now, and we'll tell you! 


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