University Websites Should'nt Be Affected By Sudden Traffic Spikes

CDN is a network that is composed of geographically distributed servers that aim to deliver your content faster even when the client is physically far away from your origin server or your traffic is unbalanced. Currently, many sectors are exploring the benefits of CDN and integrating it into their operations.

CDN service acts as a proxy between the client and your server, named Origin. Whenever a page from your website is requested, this request is directed to the CDN server. If the content of the desired page is not cached in the CDN servers, it is requested from the origin and distributed over CDN servers around the world. If it is already cached, then the CDN server directly sends the response to client without causing a load in the origin servers.

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The first striking cases are that websites are used by large user groups in universities and there are periodic crashes due to excessive traffic. It is of great importance for universities to provide uninterrupted and high-speed service to their users because these users obtain critical information from these systems and perform their transactions through these systems.


Using a CDN can be beneficial to universities in many ways. Here are the main reasons why a university needs to use a CDN:

1- Accelerated Content Delivery and Scalability

The main channels through which universities convey current news and announcements to their students and employees are their websites. 

It is common for these sites to become overloaded at certain times of the year and the servers become unable to respond to incoming requests. The examples of these periods are course selections and the dates of critical announcements.

By using CDN, you can quickly deliver your content to your users visiting your site. Our reviews show that using a CDN speeds up your website by an average of 83%. With Merlin CDN's geographically distributed high-speed server network, you can provide uninterrupted service. Even during peak traffic periods, Merlin CDN delivers your content to your users with zero downtime.

2- Optimized SEO Performance

Websites also serve as an important promotional channel for universities. It is another critical issue that the sources from which prospective students can get the most detailed information about the university appear at the top of the search engine results. For both university members and prospective students, seeing the website at the top of their search engine queries will have a positive effect.

With the CDN service, you can increase your SEO performance by responding to search engine bots much faster. As Merlin CDN, we have located our servers close to Google's servers, thus providing unique SEO performance by responding to search engines much faster than other CDN providers.

3- Saving Money

With CDN, you can significantly reduce your costs. Replying to all requests coming to your website by your servers causes a great load. If you are using a cloud service, this may increase your traffic and cause additional costs. If you keep it on physical servers, it may cause scaling and maintenance problems.

From the moment you start using Merlin CDN, your servers only respond to requests from Merlin CDN servers. All users entering your site access your content over the Merlin CDN network. They do not create a significant load on your university's server. Thanks to Merlin CDN's simple and advanced management panel, you can easily maintain this service and save a significant amount of money.

4- WAF and DDoS Protection

Another drawback of users receiving responses directly from your servers is security problems. In order to provide uninterrupted service to your users and pr from cyber-attacks, you need to keep your servers secure.

Merlin CDN also offers the MerlinWAF service, which will be live soon, together with the CDN. With this service, you can eliminate harmful and unwanted traffic before it reaches your servers. On the other hand, you can protect your resources against DDoS attacks as well. You can restrict your website to bots, malware, and certain user groups by using customizable and pre-defined rule sets within the WAF service.

5- 24/7 Customer Support

It is uncertain when a problem may arise in a system that needs to be constantly available, but it requires quick action from the moment it arises. Merlin CDN offers you 24/7 uninterrupted support with the support packages, and ensures that your site is always active by responding to your support requests in a short time.

With support packages, you can benefit from the experienced Merlin CDN team without hiring new employees for these jobs. In this way, you can save money and get quality service.

Why MerlinCDN?

The list below shows the main benefit of the CDN service for universities. The list can be further diversified. Merlin CDN offers these services in a convenient and easily integrated way. You can create your first distribution within 5 minutes from the Merlin Panel and directly observe the benefits of CDN to your websites.

Merlin CDN's support packages allow you to quickly resolve any problems you encounter. Our experienced support team quickly pay attention to your requests.

Universities are generally institutions surrounded by the high energy of young people. Merlin CDN can easily adapt to this system with its young spirit and high energy. It can offer job and internship opportunities to young people in universities.

In addition to these, universities usually have more than one website, and controlling them is a challenging task. With Merlin CDN's advanced Workspace feature, you can easily manage both your users and distributions from our interface.

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