Considering the development of technology and especially the quarantine situation caused by the COVID-19 epidemic in the past years, before and after March 2020, it is observed in the research results that the live broadcast viewers increased by 300-500% on average.   

As the volume of interest in the digital world increases, live broadcast platforms have also entered into a great change and development. The development in platforms has increased global mobility thanks to effective technological services such as CDN.  

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Why Live Streaming Platforms Need to Use CDN?   

1. Don't Let Your Broadcast Be Affected by a Sudden Audience Increase   

As with any live broadcast, the number of viewers may increase suddenly and this can negatively affect the broadcast flow. For this reason, the technical team controlling the broadcast flow should determine the actions to be taken before the broadcast in order to control these sudden change in audience numbers. Otherwise, there will be no return during the live broadcast.   

For this reason, the use of CDNs by live broadcasting platforms can be beneficial in minimizing the problems that can be caused by the sudden increase in live broadcast traffic. In this way, CDN services basically try to prevent live broadcast platforms from freezing or crashing.   

Such negative cases both cause the viewers to have a negative user experience and reduce the quality of the live broadcast in general.   

2. You Must Protect Your Live Stream From Cyber Attacks!   

Digital meetings where collective communication is provided, such as webinars and conferences on certain topics, are of great importance. Such live broadcast meetings with valuable information exchange are also highly likely to be manipulated.   

In order to ensure the security of live broadcast streams, CDN can organize a stronger broadcast stream against malicious people who want to sabotage live broadcast platforms, thanks to the firewall (WAF) it contains. In this way, there will be no disruption in the performance of the live broadcast.   

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3. Uninterrupted Broadcasting Around the World   

With the power of the Internet, communication becomes easier for people. Live broadcasts from one place can be easily watched all over the world. One of the most important points for live broadcasts addressing viewers from different countries is the uninterrupted progress of the broadcast stream.   

Thanks to the CDN service, which is used for broadcasting without interruption, people participating in your live broadcast from different continents can watch the broadcast without any problems.   

Visitors farthest from you can have a quality viewing opportunity by accessing the broadcast from the closest CDN server. This can help increase the likelihood of your live broadcasts getting more likes and followers. While popularity is an important point for live broadcasts, it increases awareness significantly.   


4. Minimize Latency   

Delay times, which are one of the factors that affect the user experience the most, can cause live broadcast viewers to lose their desire to follow the broadcast and leave the live broadcast. Not being able to understand what is spoken during the broadcast, even for a short time, or to miss the sudden events due to high latency while watching, may cause the decrease of sympathy for the broadcast and the broadcaster gradually.   

5. Do Not Depreciate Your Brand   

The quality of the live broadcast in online seminars or such collective events that you will implement on behalf of your brand in the digital world may affect your brand name positively or negatively. Low-quality live streams can damage your brand or add another boost to your brand awareness after a successful event.   

It should not be forgotten that organizing live broadcasts is a method that has important effects on expanding the customer portfolio and increasing brand awareness. It is known that customers give importance not only to products or services, but also to brand itself. For this reason, it will be beneficial for you to use CDN service in order to ensure that your online broadcasts are safe and hassle-free.   

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