What Could Your Site Encounter Without a CDN?

Along with the development in technology, data roaming all around the world has increased more and more and become complicated. Basically, the internet and data on it which are accessed via cables are transmitted to the necessary places in accordance with the requests of certain servers. With the development of CDN technology, this roaming network in the world takes on a different structure.

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What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

CDN is a service that helps increase website loading speed by ensuring that website content reaches to clients in the fastest way possible.

By means of its strong servers in different parts of the world, CDN service aims to provide the best user experience for your visitors who want to reach your site’s content from different locations without being exposed to low loading speed. Thus, your visitors can reach the contents of your website in the fastest way and automatically from the nearest CDN server.

If you don’t use a CDN service: Your website may crash down in unexpected traffic!

A website that does not use CDN servers, generally works depending on an origin server. This means that there is a high probability for your site to get harmed by the increased traffic in an unbalanced way. 

If you have a website like this, you should not forget that your site is under threat of crashing at any moment without using CDN.

For example, if you have a news site and share the breaking news and get intense attention or you have an e-commerce site offering incredible discounts, without CDN servers you will not be able to provide an effective user experience to your visitors trying to enter your website at the same time.

Don't keep your website visitors away from you

If your website has an international effect and reaches all around the world, accessibility is one of the features that makes your site strong. Providing the same user experience to each visitor, regardless of its locations, should be one of the priorities of the sites. 

On the other hand, in case your servers can’t keep up with this international roaming speed or you don’t use a CDN service, your site may not perform the same in every location and eventually affects your user experience negatively.

And if you don’t use a CDN service, your visitors may want to leave the site due to the distance from your origin server and low loading speed of your website.

Don’t negatively affect your SEO performance

There are so many factors to affect your SEO performance from a CDN perspective. The most notable one is the loading speed of your website. The loading speed of your website is directly related to the user experience and highly affects your SEO performance.

This speed is measured by search engines and it is really important for Google ranking. During the waiting time in a page, the possibility to leave the site for a visitor is increasing with every passing second.

The loading speed of your website is inversely proportional to the number of requests and visitors at that moment. It can be difficult for a website that does not use a CDN service to meet these two important requirements. The websites that don’t have these features, are listed in the lower ranks because of receiving a low evaluation score by Google algorithms.

Since CDN servers take the load of your origin server, they increase the loading speed of your site to maximum levels and allow you to get the highest level of user experience.

Your website may be vulnerable to cyber attacks!

Even if your website performance is at a good level, security is always another important topic to be careful. If your website isn’t protected enough, it can be vulnerable to web-based cyber attacks such as XSS, SQL Injection and DDoS. For this reason, crashes may occur and may have a negative impact on your visitors.

On the other hand, attackable and vulnerable sites may be evaluated negatively by Google algorithms and eventually this can result in a decrease in your SEO performance. In this case, you may not be able to protect your site from attacks and damage its popularity.

There is one point to not forget that Google algorithms help website visitors using the search engine to get the most effective solution and choose the safest way while offering these solutions.

High costs of technical maintenance

If you don’t use a CDN service, you need to direct the whole traffic of your website through your origin server. So, the negative situations such as low loading speed, site crashes and other cyber attacks caused by your suddenly increasing website traffic, require you to have extra maintenance to solve your website's problems or to use defense systems to protect your site from cyber attacks.

In addition to extra costs, since you cannot get traffic to your site during the maintenance periods required to solve the problems of your website, there is a possibility that you may experience negative effects on the listing of your site indirectly and this can affect your SEO performance directly.

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