Increasing Need for Video CDN 

Thanks to the increasing interest in the digital world, many activities have transitioned to the internet environment. Content such as videos and live streams became more common and became popular. 

In addition to the increasing content, the audience watching this content started to increase at the same rate and reached large volumes. The increasing quality of the content and the high audience capacity of live broadcasts make it difficult for content owners to respond to incoming requests with high performance. 

The Video CDN service, which emerged as a response to this need, aims to facilitate the transmission of both VOD and live broadcast content. 

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)? 

CDN ensures that requests for your content are answered as soon as possible. There are CDN servers located in many parts of the world. While these servers deliver your content to the end-user by transmitting the content received from your main server to the end-user, it also caches this response. 

In this way, subsequent requests to the content are answered with caches hosted on the nearest server. The request travels less because it goes to the nearest CDN server instead of getting the content from the main server. 

What Does the CDN Service Do? 

As the distance between the request and the place where the content is answered becomes shorter, the RTT (Round Trip Time) value, which indicates the response time of the content, decreases. A decrease in this value indicates that your content loads faster on the client. 

It can be expected that the increase in the response speed of the content will contribute positively to the SEO performance. 

On the other hand, you can prevent a common cyber-attack such as DDoS that may come to your main server. Thanks to the high bandwidth of CDN servers, you will not be harmed even if such an attack is encountered. 

In this way, you can save on the ‘maintenance and repair costs’ of your main servers which requires less maintenance. 

What Does CDN Stand for? 

CDN stands for "Content Delivery Network". 

What is Video CDN? 

Video CDN is an advanced CDN structure that enables content such as video and live broadcasts to be accelerated using CDN technology. 

Videos are larger in size than HTML and other website content types. For this reason, it is just as difficult for the videos to respond to the incoming request. 

The only difference between Video CDN, which has the same logic as the known CDN service, is that the service is for video content. Video contents are kept on CDN servers, and the closest CDN server to the request point answers the request. Thus, Video CDN allows your videos to respond faster to incoming requests. 

How Does Video CDN Work? 

Like other types of content on your site, your videos, games, and live streams are also accelerated by CDN technology. Your content is kept on CDN servers by caching. After CDN service usage starts, requests start to be cached & answered from CDN servers. 

In addition, you can improve the quality of your CDN service with the "Load Balance" feature in our Merlin Video CDN service. You can reply to your video content from the closest and most available CDN server with the "Load Balance" feature. 

The Load Balance feature allows you to control the density of your CDN servers to which you send replies. In this way, incoming requests are answered from the other available CDN server instead of waiting in line on the same CDN server. 

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What are the Benefits of Video CDN? 

In general, many high-quality videos, games, and live broadcasts negatively affect the speed of websites. The reason for this is: The increasing size of the content is the factor that mostly affects the response time (RTT). 

Watch Your Video Content on Your Site Without Freezing 

Websites with high-dimensional content should use Video CDN to improve their user experience. It is difficult for the visitor to tolerate the sudden freezing of the image while watching the video on the site.

Video CDN will be a good tool to avoid video stuttering. This is because websites with high dimensions need a good user experience. To achieve this goal, websites need to be as fast as possible. 

You Can Avoid Live Stream Connection Problems 

With the CDN you will use for live broadcasts, your live broadcast will not be adversely affected by high traffic. High-bandwidth CDN servers easily pass live streaming traffic and avoid connection problems. 

Frequently encountered live broadcast technical problems can negatively affect the motivation of viewers and cause them to stop watching. 

How Does a Video CDN for Live Streams Work? 

The functioning and structure of the CDN service, which is used in live broadcasts as well as in videos, are the same. Since live broadcast is a kind of video content, the only difference between the live broadcast content is that it appears. 

In Video-on-Demand content, the content is pre-loaded on the relevant platform. 

Does Video CDN Improve the Security of Your Live Streams? 

You can use the CDN service to make your live broadcasts more secure. Video CDN helps you increase your defense against cyber-attacks like DDoS that can send high loads of requests. 

At the same time, viewers who come to watch your live broadcast receive content from your CDN server, not from your main server. In this way, your main server will not be affected by a possible attack. This is because there are CDN servers between the incoming request and your main server. 

With the request, the main server performs content exchanging with the CDN server without connecting directly. 

This feature, which helps to increase cyber security, can also positively affect your broadcast quality. 

Why Choose Merlin CDN for Video CDN? 

Merlin CDN is a brand that has served different projects for years, especially in the field of video. Merlin CDN team produces dynamic solutions based on the technological infrastructures in the video and broadcasting sector. 

By using the Mid-Cache layer, the content does not need to be retrieved from the main server to answer the request. Instead, the request that Edge-Cache will respond to is answered from the cache held in the Mid-Cache. Thus, a reduction in the total number of requests sent to the main server is achieved. 

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