E-commerce in Modern Day Business

Web entrepreneurship has been developing rapidly throughout the world in recent years. E-commerce is always one of the rapidly growing channels according to increasing number of services and level of quality. 

Today, the functionality of e-commerce is increasing and its area of usage is developing day by day. For this reason, it has become an important factor for the business sector. Its leading fields of application are travel expenses, digital app downloads and retail trade.  

One of the reason for the rapid development of e-commerce activities on the web is the investment companies. Online shopping provides various advantages to the users. The main advantages are lower risk, lower capitalization and expanding into broader markets. For this reason, many investors who want to benefit from the opportunity to rapid growth get into the e-commerce industry. 

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Benefits of CDN for E-commerce Websites 

Many people are performing their operations by enabling internet access from portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets other than personal computers with the development of internet and related technologies, increase of wireless technologies, cloud computing and other similar technologies.

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The users can reach various contents in millions of websites including interactive multimedia applications, music and video streaming, static and dynamic websites that require efficient and reliable network infrastructures and systems. CDNs are highly preferred by websites since they can provide a better service to different regions around the world by helping balance the load on the infrastructures and delivering the content to the users rapidly. 

Why MerlinCDN for E-commerce?

Merlin CDN is used by the e-commerce businesses to enhance the performance of their websites and present their products online. Thus the companies provide to enhance customer satisfaction and get the job done smoothly by means of their superior user experience. The main benefits of Merlin CDN for e-commerce websites are these: 

1- 100% Uptime  

In the setting where the content is distributed to more than one location, Merlin CDN has the methods of rapid user redirection and automated server accessibility detection. By means of these methods, your website will be accessible without interruption by redirecting users to the active servers even if there is a problem with one or more of the servers.

As a result, your websites will be available even during major power outages, hardware failures or network problems and Merlin CDN users won’t have any access problems and won’t be concerned about the accessibility of their websites. 

2- Accelerated Websites 

Merlin CDN offers a better level of service, lower network server loads and therefore lower costs and higher network quality and user experience by means of its high security measures. A user who wants to access your website is firstly redirected to Merlin CDN. 

Merlin CDN will cache your contents and if the content requested by the user is available on Merlin CDN servers, it delivers the content directly. But if it is not available in servers, Merlin CDN requests from your servers and cache the contents to deliver them during cache duration.

Merlin CDN caches the file but if the user does not keep the file in the browser, they need to download it again. If they keep the file in the browser, they can reach the content later without downloading. 

3- Availability and Scalability 

By delivering content to its users, Merlin CDN benefits from the servers infrastructures located all over the world. The user accessing your website will use Merlin CDN servers instead of your origin server. Because Merlin CDN saves your content on the website by caching and can handle any type of traffic. Since the websites accelerated by Merlin CDN are distributed to many servers around the world, there is no need to estimate how many servers are needed to meet the traffic needs. 

Even during the high-traffic load, Merlin CDN ensures to not crash down your website and continue to service with its carefully constructed infrastructure and cached contents. No matter what country they connect from, the users can reach the nearest Merlin CDN server and get service from this server without interruption. 

4- Increase in Content and User Number

Merlin CDN minimizes the errors and does not require any additional expensive hardware. When many users reach to the websites that contain a large numbers of video, image, music and similar contents, Merlin CDN ensures to deliver the each of these content to the users without delay. 

5- DDoS Protection 

DDoS attacks may cause to important financial losses and may have an adverse impact on the reputation and public opinion of targeted company or organization. During the DDoS attacks, traffic will come to the  Merlin CDN servers.

So, there will be no organized load and it will keep your website up and running. This means that there is no need to worry about DDoS attacks affecting your data center and the security of your website will be high-level.

6- Analytics 

Merlin CDN not only delivers your contents faster, but also provides invaluable analytics to help you find out the strengths and weaknesses of your online business.

These data are graphical and numerical data such as bandwidth, traffic, requests and cache statistics. By means of these information, it will become easier to analyze your website. 

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