How Can I Monitor the Users’ Activity?

How Do I Track User Activity with Merlin CDN?

It is important to know how your website performs when a user visits. While aiming for a flawless user experience, some cases can go unnoticed. 

To help to improve the performance of your website and increase your perception of the cases Merlin CDN offers you two types of logs: Recent Logs and Raw Logs. With the Recent Logs feature, you can reach the last 1000 logs of your distribution. 

On the other hand, Recent Logs provides the whole user interactions for the day in raw format. You can download the raw logs in 3 days to store elsewhere and analyze them.

Why It is Important?

These days, security and following up on the situations closely helps us to locate the errors faster or even earlier. The importance of this got bigger accordingly the importance of being irreproachable on the services you give on the web. 

The users are not patient and improvements are fast and hard to catch. If a web service or a website owner wants to keep up with its components, he/she must be able to follow every mistake and make sure that it will not happen again. 

For this, logging is a strong and important tool to use. It allows you to track & solve the errors and monitor the situation of your website.

Why do I need to view Recent Logs?

Recent Logs will help you to find and locate the errors of your website with HTTP status codes included in your log files as shown below.


You can find the HTTP status code, the exact time your visitor has seen this status code, the corresponding IP address, the size of the content that the visitor wanted to reach, and the full path of the content that the corresponding status code was given.

Use Cases

Merlin CDN helps you to find and repair your website’s problem as fast as it can be. Hence, you can also expand filtering options and list logs for specific HTTP status codes in order to inspect and determine the problem faster.

You can also get detailed information about a specific distribution in a specific zone at the time you want (up to 3 days).

For further information about Recent Logs, you can check our article "Logs".

With Merlin CDN, you will provide the best service to your customers and visitors by determining the problem in the fastest way with this detailed log tracking feature.

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