What percentage of your sales in the last 5 years have been made as e-commerce? If the percentage is high, this blog post is for you.   

Online shopping, especially B2C, has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase rate in online shopping investments has increased more the interest in this trading method.   

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What is E-Commerce?   

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, is a type of commerce that enables companies and customers to come together on the internet. These platforms allow brands to promote their products and services to their potential customers.   

In this method, all transactions made in the trade have been transferred to the virtual environment. This trade area plays an active role in increasing the trade volume every year. Also, it paves the way for international trade.   

With the development of e-commerce, brands started to reach different customer portfolios. it is included too that finding customer portfolios from other countries. Thus, international trade has reached high volumes by adapting to technology.   

Web applications developed made the accessibility of the Internet easier. This development made easier that passing to electronic commerce. So, quality and quantity of e-commerce have raised. These developments have increased the orientation of almost everyone who can access the internet to this field.   

This trade method, which can be considered unusual before these developments provides many advantages for both the producer and the consumer.   

What Were the Benefits of E-Commerce?   

Allows products and services to be easily presented to customers on the internet.   

It allows the customer to find the product or service they are looking for in line with their wishes and needs. Also, they don't have to leave their home. In addition to the convenience in shopping, it also increases the variety of products and services that the customer can choose.   

On the other hand, there have been changes with the transition to electronic commerce . The best examples of this are changes to payment and delivery methods. The trust and speed provided by electronic systems played an important role in increasing confidence in online shopping. The automated operation of delivery systems has eliminated the need for customers to leave their homes to shop.   

Online sales reduce many costs of sellers and reduce the prices of products and services. Thanks to the decreasing staff needs and less necessary office or business areas, customers started to have their wants and needs at more affordable prices.   

What Kind of Problems Did E-Commerce Bring with It?   

If the security of payment methods cannot be ensured, cybercriminals may be attacked. In order to avoid these problems, additional security measures are implemented on e-commerce sites.   

Another problem experienced is that unreliable sites send customers different products from their orders. Sites that have not been checked for accuracy and reliability may make these sales maliciously. Such problems are damaging to the trust in online shopping.   

In addition, returns and exchanges take longer time in online shopping compared to traditional shopping style. The extended shipping process for the exchange or return of the product may adversely affect customer satisfaction.   

What Features Should Your E-Commerce Site Have?   

There are some effective ways to make your e-commerce site more accessible to your potential customers.   

One of the primary goals is to make your site appear higher and more visible in search engines. Your site's SEO performance shows how close you are to that goal.   


You Should Do Keyword Analyze on Your Site   

Keyword analyze is a work that should be done first. It aims to attract potential web users, who may be interested in the sites themselves.   

The most appropriate keywords for the site are determined by analyzing and researching the words related to the site. These keywords are used when creating site content. Thus, Google bots determine the relevance of your products or services to your site.   

By choosing keywords that your potential customers can search for often, you can increase your chances of appearing in the search results. Keyword analyze will help you increase the SEO performance of your site.   

SEO studies will save you on your advertising costs. Because this is the work which shows more positive effects in the long run. You can reduce your costs by using keywords successfully.   

You Can Increase Your Site Speed Using CDN   

Using a CDN service allows you to answer the majority of traffic to your site from CDN servers. CDN servers are sending a response to request from the geographically closest CDN server. This is the way your website would be opened maximum speed.   

Sites with fast response times can be crawled faster by Google bots. Thus, both the site opening speed and the in-site circulation speed increase.   

Site speed ensures that your site visitors get a good user experience. Visitors, who are satisfied with site content speed, are more likely to turn into customers.   

CDN takes the heavy traffic load that occurs on your site on discount and opportunity days from your servers. It allows you to reduce the server costs that you will encounter on your site in such cases with CDN.   

To see the advantages of CDN service, start trying it now with a free $10 credit.   

You Should Make Your Site Mobile Compatible   

With the change in the habits of web users, the volume of online shopping made through mobile devices has increased. Purchasing processes that became practical thanks to mobile devices made it necessary for sellers to make improvements in this area.   

It is important for the user experience that the contents of the site adapt to the phone and tablet screen. For this reason, the performance of the site should be as good on the phone and tablet as on the computer.   

Site design and performance need to be effective enough to convert a user into a customer. Otherwise, it will be difficult for customers who shop from mobile devices to shop on your site.   

For this reason, you should test your site's mobile compatibility frequently. Also, always try to improve your mobile performance. By using the Merlin CDN, you can easily track these statistics and work on your performance.   

You must write the product information in detail   

Customers want to examine the products they want to buy in detail during online shopping. This is because they have to make the purchasing decision without the opportunity to examine the product closely. It is inevitable that customers want to learn all the details so that they can be sure of the product they will receive.   

In order for all the features of the product to be easily understood, the product information should be written meticulously. All technical or design features should be clearly stated. This information should be supported by visuals whenever possible.   

When doing e-commerce, attention should be paid to product details in order to increase the customer's confidence in the product. Otherwise, the potential customer may stop buying the product that he is not sure of or does not trust.   

With the above-mentioned features, you can improve in the field of e-commerce and be more accessible to your potential customers.