Take a Closer Look at Logging

People have interacted with their environment at every moment of life. As result of these interactions, they have left certain marks behind them. With the development of technology, people leave recordable marks behind them after their digital actions on different digital medias.

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What is Logging?

Logging means to being recorded the digital actions on the internet environment by computers. By means of recording these actions, every action of visitors can be controlled by the system administrator.


Is logging an obligation?

It is obligatory for website administrators to log these virtual actions taking place on the internet.

In general, the process of recording the actions on website enables website administrators to be informed about the visitors.

Therefore, in any situation that may occur in the future, effective results can be get with the records examined by taking into consideration these logs.

An important role in providing cyber security

It is very important for the business to keep the information of different users' internet access on a public network in a separable way. This is the only way to follow the actions taking place on public networks. In case of a network attack or security threat, the network administrator is responsible for giving these information to the authorities as specified in the laws.

Additionally, if requested, website administrators are responsible for presenting the visitors’ logs to the public enterprises. So it means that the logging process is being legalized and compulsory for all website administrators.

Make your analysis on visitors easily

Since the logs have records of all benign and malicious visitors, you can make analysis on them.

These analyses help you to detect or forecast the attacks, identify malicious visitors and take precautions against them.

Legal aspect of logging process

There are many studies on fighting against the cyber attacks.

It is really important for cyber security to add a legal dimension on these studies, to protect the victim, and not to ignore the information that has any evidential value.

In accordance with the article of law number 5651 and ISO 27001 standards, each company has to log and keep these access records for 2 years in order to provide cyber security.

What are the factors that make logging difficult?

Logging is the act of keeping various log records coming from different places. There are many reasons to make logging difficult. These reasons can be listed as follows:

  • Different types of logs coming from different sources,
  • Determining the type of log needed to make analysis,
  • Eliminating the logging practices because of their unnecessary expenses and workload,
  • Being a costly process.

These factors are effective for logging process and there are many software to make them easier. 

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An important point in logging process

You need to determine which needs to meet logging process under current conditions and which log types are useful. It is not useful to solve the problems or make analysis with inappropriate and wrong log records.

The situations that threaten cyber security have been easily overcome and identifying criminals has become really fast with the appropriate analyses.

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What are the types of logs?

There are different types of logs in terms of aims and areas of use. Log types can be listed as follows:

Transaction Log (SQL Server)

This log type generally records all transactions executed by the website database.

Add-drop operations on the database can be recorded on log system. For example, failures occurred on the database are recorded on the logs.

Event Log

An event log stores the data on Windows systems. With this log type, you can record all of the transactions on Windows system.

In a situation that threatens cyber security, it keeps the record of login times and information of users. Therefore it helps to solve the problematic situations.

Loggable operations are accounts lockouts, login/logout processes and errors on the applications.


In general, it collects the logs on the system daily. Example areas of usage for syslog:

  1. Routers,
  2. Printers,
  3. Firewalls.

Other systems using the syslog type are Unix and Linux based systems. Other features of syslog:

  1. Gathering general information about logs,
  2. Making necessary analyses
  3. Providing debugging messages
  4. System security

There are two values of syslog:


This value enables the determination of the types of logs to be recorded.


This value shows the alignment of logs according to severity levels.

In conclusion, logging is a legal obligation for web applications and essential for solving cyber crimes by making necessary analyses. If you want to collect the logs easily, you can start using Merlin CDN now and perform your logging operations with just one click.